Safety tips to keep backpacking stove at home

backpacking stoveUsually in kitchen we do use the normal stoves that are available in the market. Only few do use the backpacking stoves which they have purchased for their camping or trekking purpose. The backpacking stove is far different from the regular kitchen stoves that everyone would be using. So if you want to use a backpacking stove you need to make sure to follow certain safety tips so that you can be on safe side and can prevent any kind of accidental burns that you might need to face. As you take certain precautions when you are using the campfire or the backpacking stove in the open area similarly you need to take extra care when you are using the backpacking stoves like msr dragonfly in your home. Before you use the stove you need to make sure to check that nothing is close to the stove which can catch fire. The backpacking stove comes with the gas tank and it is just close to the burner so there are more chances that you might face any kind of fire accidents.

You need to make sure that you don’t have any kind of cloth materials close to the backpacking stove. When you are using the stove you need to make sure to place the stove on an even surface and never place the stove on an uneven place. If you want to refill the stove you need to make sure to keep it away from the place where you will cook. This will prevent from any kind of fire accidents. Before you use the backpacking stove you need to make sure to check whether there is any spilling or oil or gas leakage around the stove. Whether you are using the stove or kept it at a corner you should always make sure to keep it in straight position. Never place it in tilted position. So if you want to keep everything safe and secured in the kitchen, you need go for the backpacking stove. When there is any gas leakage around the stove it would be very flammable so check for any kind of leakage or damage to the stove before you light it up. If you have any queries or would like to know more about the various backpacking stoves and how beneficial they are you can get lot of information over the internet. Use the backpacking stove safely at home by following the right safety precautions.


Who to Notify When You’re Moving House

Moving HouseThere are a myriad of things that you can do to make moving house an easier and much more enjoyable task. One of the first things that you should do when you know you are moving is to list the people that you will need to inform about your move. Wait until you have the exact date so that your information will be current and valuable for the people and businesses with whom you keep in touch. If you want to save postage, you can handle most of this business online via email so that your new address and the date that you plan to move will be delivered to your contacts almost instantly. Who should you notify? Place the companies named below on the list that you develop to inform them about your change of address.

  1. The first business on the list should be the post office. The professionals at, who are very experienced with removals in Gloucester, suggest that you let them know so that a re-direction programme can be set up for you and your family; keep in mind that this process may take up to a week, so do this a few weeks before you move house.
  2. Next, notify the water company that you want service discontinued in your name on a specific date. Make sure that you provide them with your new address so that you can receive your final bill from the old residence.
  3. Another business to add to your list is the gas company. You may want to take a meter reading on your last day in the old house so that you can verify the amount of gas that you used up until the cut-off date.
  4. Along with the services already mentioned, you should add the electricity company, the telephone company, your broadband provider, and the cable company.
  5. Be sure to add to your list the financial institutions with which you do business. These should include banks, loan companies, and credit card companies.
  6. As for your insurance companies, inform the companies that cover your car, house, life, and any breakdown service, about your pending change of address.
  7. You should also notify the local authorities of your move. This should include the Inland Revenue, DVLA, and any schools that your children attend. You should enquire how you can get the records of your children to take to their new school so that their admittance into it can be expedited.
  8. Finally, you should inform your doctor, dentist, optician, and any other medical professional that you use of your new address. You may want to ask for a referral in your new location for a professional that they would recommend for you to use. If you’re staying in the same general area but just moving to a new location, you should still inform your medical service providers.
  9. If you order items online, make sure that you edit the home delivery address box when you apply for shipping so that your items will be shipped to your new address instead of the default setting that you had previously.


The 3 Main Opener Types Compared

logoThe useful life of a garage door opener is typically around ten to fifteen years. There are various factors which determine how long a device of this type will last for. The list includes not only the make, but also the frequency of use and even the climate of the local area. In general, a homeowner decides when it is time for replacement. Usually, the system is replaced if it is greatly damaged, if the components are extensively worn or if they are outdated. When it comes to getting a new one, it pays off to consider all of your options. Find out what these garage door experts have to say about how the main ones compare.

Overview of the Options

The chain drive opener is a true classic. It is the oldest and most widely used of all three types. It uses a chain very similar to that of a bicycle. The chain is connected to the motor via a sprocket, shaft and moving gear. It runs a trolley along the rail. The trolley is attached to the door via a moving arm. When the chain drives the trolley along the rail, the door is lifted or lowered respectively.

The belt drive system works in exactly the same way. The only difference is that there is a belt instead of a chain. It is usually made from steel-reinforced rubber or polyurethane, but it can also be made from fiberglass or another type of material which is flexible yet strong. The screw drive electric operator has a metal rod set inside the rail. It is rotated around its axis in different directions to enable opening and closing with the use of the trolley.

Interior of a clean garage in a house

Performance, Care and Cost

The chain drive systems offer reliable performance above all. The chain is very strong and durable. It can last for many years to come. The main downside is that due to the friction occurring when the chain moves, the operation of the device is quite noisy. In order to reduce both the friction and the noise, you will need to take care of the lubrication maintenance on a regular basis.

With a belt drive system, on the other hand, noise production will be reduced to the possible minimum. In fact, this is the quietest of all options. Since the belt is not made from metal, lubrication is not required. At the same time, these door operators tend to be the most expensive, all other things being equal.

The screw drive systems fall in between the other two in terms of operation, care and pricing. They perform reliably and have some of the fastest opening speeds. However, these openers have been known to have difficulties running in areas where there are huge temperature drops in the winter. Since they have fewer moving parts, they are easier to maintain, but the metal rod still requires lubrication on a regular basis.


Chelmsford: Reasons to Move to this Essex Stronghold

Houses for saleChelmsford has long been a desirable place to live in Essex. In the past it has been placed in the list of top ten places to live in the UK, and there are many reasons to move to this part of Essex. Here are a few of the reasons – take a look at the benefits of buying property and living in Chelmsford.

Chelmsford Property Advantages

One of the reasons Chelmsford has been placed in lists of the top ten best places to live in the UK is because its homes are bigger than the UK’s national average. More spacious properties convert into a better living experience, and there is a lot of choice in good-sized family homes. Most homes are centrally heated and have at least one bathroom. Houses for sale in Chelmsford are plentiful at the moment and looking around at listings on shows a great variety of property available. There is something to suit all budgets. If you want a quieter and slower pace of life, villages surrounding Chelmsford are the ideal places to live. Plenty of property is available in the Chelmsford villages although it does tend to be a little more expensive than in the town itself. If you want to be close to the town centre, various flats are available in new-builds or converted buildings.

Leisure Amenities in Chelmsford

Chelmsford has plenty of shops, ranging from the popular high street favourites and large department stores to smaller boutique shops. Plenty of restaurants and cafes cater to all tastes and there are many different bars and pubs to sample. If you need to get some fresh air Chelmsford is well equipped with parks and to keep fit you can visit one of the gyms or fitness centres in the town, or go for a walk or bike ride along the river. The 500-acre Hylands Park is a great place for kids to play or to walk the dog.

Transport Links to Chelmsford

Chelmsford is the county town of Essex and it is well-linked to all other parts of the region. The town has long been popular with commuters as it has a mainline rail station that links Chelmsford with London in around 30 minutes. The M25 is within easy reach to link up with other parts of the country, and Stansted Airport is around 18 miles away. There are also quick links to the coast for a weekend getaway.

Other Reasons to Move to Chelmsford

Schools are good quality in Chelmsford and compared to the national average, children score highly on GCSEs and over one third go on to post-16 education. Crime is relatively low compared to bigger cities in the region, and plenty of people in Chelmsford report feeling happy with their lives in general. Chelmsford is certainly an up-and-coming place with lots of development happening, and a great deal of positives in its favour – not least because it is a relatively cheap place to live compared with other towns and cities in the south. For more information, check out a local agent’s listings and advice on where exactly to move to in Chelmsford.


3 Factors Affecting the Boom of the Solar Power Industry

Solar Power IndustryWithout a doubt, a lot of people are now more inclined to the use of solar power. The ideas that it is a renewable energy and it does not pollute the environment made a lot of people change their minds. If the trend continues, then we will certainly get rid of energy sources that are harmful to the environment. Though the current data reveal that there is an increase in the number of people moving from regular energy sources like natural gas to solar energy, there are still issues that need to be addressed.

Overall cost
In as much as people wanted to support the idea of helping save the environment, they just can’t, considering the amount of money they have to pay. The overall price is just down by 10% compared to its price several years ago. However, the good news is that government tax breaks and other policies related to solar energy shift helped a lot to convince more people. Research is also being conducted to find cheaper materials, but produce the same results. For instance, cadmium telluride is now used to make thin film solar cells, which is a lot cheaper. Read more about Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Energy so you can easily compare the prices.

Energy output
This is another challenge since the amount of energy being released through solar power depends on the changes in the environment. For instance, the passing of clouds reduce the output by 50%. In comparison, current generators are more stable which is why people prefer them. However, power fluctuations are now being addressed by allowing generators to inject additional power. The only problem is that it cannot be done at all times since it will drastically increase the cost of solar panels.

Absence of the sun
Obviously, solar energy comes from the sun. During the night when most people use energy, there is no sun. Thus, more researches are now focused on this issue. Solar batteries are considered as the solution, but they can be a bit expensive. Another solution is to store heat using natural sources like salt, oil or rocks. The stored energy can be used later. There are also a lot of other researches currently in place to find ways to store energy for later use in the absence of the sun.

Give it a try
Despite these obstacles, there is still a massive campaign to use solar energy. After all, this is a move to help save the environment. Start by checking out How do Solar Panels Work here.