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Posts From Henry McMillian

5 ways to transform your home to celebrity status on a budget 0

Magazine and videos of celebrity homes make us desire more for our homes. The issue is always money- we cannot afford to hire interior designers who have no budgetary limits

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Need of Indoor Swing For a Child With Special Needs 0

Special needs children have just as much love and affection to offer as neurotypical children. However, it’s true that supporting their unique development can come with its fair share of

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Personalized Laundry Room 0

Attention to detail is always given to kitchen designs. The focus tends to be on aesthetics and comfort when designing a living room or bedroom. Sometimes, the laundry room design

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What To Do If You’re Bored With Your Home 0

Our home is where we spend a lot of our time. It’s where we sleep, eat and relax. This is why having a beautiful and organized home can be so

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Flowering Perennial Vines for Your Chain Link Fence 0

Not every vine plant is healthy and beneficial to a chain link fence for growth, but there are some that can help provide privacy and beauty. Below are five of

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