Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Decorating with Mirrors

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DecorationMirrors are a great addition to any room. Adding a mirror can enhance light in a windowless room, make a small room seem larger, accentuate a focal point in a room, or be the focal point of a room. When using mirrors it is important to not place them randomly throughout the room. Rather, you should be conscious of where you are placing mirrors so that it accentuates the parts of a room that you want others to notice. With the shorter days and longer nights adding mirrors is an excellent way to spread light throughout your rooms naturally. We have created a short list of great ways to use mirrors in your home!

Enhance Light
If you have a room with no windows, the addition of a mirror is a great way to reflect light throughout the room. One great way to do this is by putting a mirror directly behind a light fixture or candle. This reflects the light throughout the rest of the room without adding extra light fixtures. Using electric or real candles in front of a mirror is a great way to bring softer, romantic lighting to a room. Mirrors are also a great addition to a room with natural lighting because they can enhance the natural light from any window. Simply place the mirror on the adjacent or opposing walls of the windows and it will naturally reflect the light.

Make a Small Room Seem Larger
Adding a large mirror to a smaller space is an excellent way to make the space appear larger. Placing a large mirror on the floor expands the appearance of the space and creates a beautiful focal point for the rest of the room.

Accentuate the Focal Point
If you have a piece of artwork that you love, add a mirror to the adjacent or opposing wall. By doing this you will reflect the artwork, accentuating it as a focal point. If you are using a mirror to accentuate a focal point make sure that the mirror you use is relatively simple in design. If you have an extravagant mirror with an ornate frame it can take away from the artwork that it is reflecting. By using a simple frame you can emphasize the view of the artwork.

Mirrors as the Focal Point
Mirrors can also act as the artwork for the room. Using a large mirror with a unique frame is one way to make it the focal point of the room. Creating an arrangement using multiple small mirrors on the same wall is a great way to make the mirrors the focal point of a room. If you are going to make an arrangement using multiple mirrors, make sure that the mirrors are proportional to each other. Using a large mirror that reaches the floor is also a great way to make the mirror a focal point in your room.

There are so many great ways to include mirrors into your home! By following our advice you can easily bring this look into your home!

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