The Modern Art Of Quilting Available To Decorate Your Bedroom

The Modern Art Of Quilting Available To Decorate Your Bedroom
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Patchwork quilts have a long and varied history, but didn’t become popular until hard times hit for settlers in America. When any type of textile became valuable, scraps from dresses, blankets, and any other clothing were carefully put in a bag to become part of quilts. At first, women made crazy quilts because their ease of construction. Crazy quilts had covers made usually of like material in random patterns arranged according to the size of the scraps available. A filling of batting, another blanket, or a sheet was added beneath the cover. A sheet or flannel blanket formed the back.
Two methods are used for attaching the three layers:

Tying, in which scraps of yarn or heavy thread tie the three layers together
Quilting, in which a hand needle and heavy thread is sewn through the three layers

Gradually, as time and machine-made fabric became more available, quilting became an art form. Quilts were put together carefully and stitched artistically with patterns of quilting. Some quilts, instead of being pieced, were woven or appliqued. Many of the quilts made from 1750 to 1850 are still in existence because characteristically quilts are durable and cherished. Some quilts are displayed in museums as works of art and are a revealing display. has some of the best examples of the modern art of quilting available to decorate your bedroom. They carry quilts from America’s best quilters for your choice as possible heirlooms for your own home. Look at over 600 examples of all-cotton quilts that will intrigue and delight you.

Redecorating for the holidays can make your rooms bright with the reflection of quilts designed for the season. Their beauty will delight your guests and make your home cheerful for the winter months to come. A special quilt is a delightful treat. Shop at Linens-n-More for that quilt, or consider purchasing a gift card so your son or daughter can choose his or her own quilt. Linens-n-More gives free shipping if you spend over $100. Shop and enjoy their colorful, well constructed website. Someone to answer questions is available for your convenience.

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