Decaffeinated or Regular?

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Making coffee can be a battle if one person wants regular and the other prefers decaffeinated – there’s twice the amount of work, wasted coffee and constant confusion over what kind of coffee is actually in the pot. With a single serve coffee maker it’s easy to make decaf or regular K-Cup® coffee with no hassle and no waste. On demand coffee makers which use coffee packs, inserts or pods represent the state of the art in coffee brewing because they are so convenient, efficient and effective.

Regardless of the manufacturer, most single serve or on demand coffee makers operate on the same basic principles – they have some sort of a water reservoir and require an electrical outlet, much as a conventional coffee maker does. The difference is in how the coffee is handled – there is no need to scoop and measure the coffee and no chance to make a mess of the coffee grounds nor are there any paper filters or filter baskets to handle.

On demand coffee makers typically do not have a carafe or coffee pot and there is no warmer to scorch the coffee or pose a potential fire hazard. On demand coffee makers brew the coffee directly into your cup, mug, glass or travel mug so there is no pot to clean. You brew only what you need, one cup at a time, so if you want decaffeinated and the next person wants regular coffee it is as simple as selecting the right coffee insert.

The coffee inserts are individually sealed portions designed to work in the specific coffee maker; the coffee maker punctures the packet and brews the coffee with a pre-determined amount of water so the coffee is consistently good and always fresh and hot.

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