Is Vinyl or Wood Fencing Right for Your Property?

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Today, home and business owners have more fencing options than ever. If you’re ‘on the fence’ so to speak wherein you don’t know if you should go with a wood or vinyl fence, there are some factors to consider when making your decision. Here is a brief look at both types of fencing and their pros and cons so you can decide which type of fencing is best for your property.

Vinyl Fencing Advantages
If you wish to have a different look rather than standard wood, you’ll surely appreciate the options available in vinyl fencing. You can easily find vinyl fencing that looks just like wood or you can choose from a wide range of colors like white, tan and gray. The biggest benefit provided by vinyl is that this type of fencing never needs to be stained or painted, plus it comes in easy-to-install strips.

Cleaning a fence made of vinyl is very easy as you only need to spray dirt and grime off using a garden hose or sprayer. You’ll never have to worry about getting a termite problem with this type of fencing nor will you have any problems with dry rot or mold.

Disadvantages to Vinyl Fences
A vinyl fence costs more than a wood fence so if money is an issue, this may be a reason not to go with this type of fencing. If you need to fence in a very large area, your initial cost of putting in vinyl fencing could be quite high. Another disadvantage associated with vinyl fencing is that this type of fencing can expand due to extreme temperature fluctuations. Even a high wind can twist this type of fence as it’s not as securely connected as wood fencing.

Wood Fencing Advantages
If you’re looking for a timeless, classic look, a wood fence would be a wise choice to make. Wood fences also cost considerably less than vinyl fencing so if you’re working with a tight budget, wood is the way to go. Wood is an organic material that’s all natural so it is a good choice to make for people concerned about the environment.

It’s quite easy to repair a wood fence as often all you need is a hammer and nails. Plus, you can put up a wood fence quite easily if you have a few helpers and the drive to get the work done correctly.

Wood Fence Disadvantages
Perhaps the biggest drawback to a wood fence is the fact that you’ll have to maintain it well in order for it to last. This involves staining or painting the fence each year to keep the wood well-protected and looking its best. Termites can wreak havoc on a wood fence as can fungus and mold. This makes it necessary to keep a close eye on a wood fence and to deal with any problems that occur quickly.

To conclude, vinyl fencing is easy to care for and maintain but it does cost considerably more than fences made of wood. On the other hand, a wood fence is long lasting if cared for and is a cinch to repair. Whether you decide to go with vinyl fence installation in Utah or a wood fence supplier in New York, the largest home improvement stores and fencing specialists typically have a nice selection of both types of fencing due to the popularity of both.

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