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The number of people using coal fired furnaces are decreasing. Most of them nowadays rely on heaters that run on electricity, gas, and oil. The primary reason for this switchover is the harm caused to the ecology by the high amount of carbon dioxide emissions by furnaces that depend on coal to operate. Though many power generating plants have switched over to nuclear energy, quite a few still use coal to operate turbines for operating their generators.

It is time that you changed over to an alternate power source for furnaces used to heat your home. However, if you do not have any options, apart from using a furnace running on coal, you should use anthracite coal. Unlike bituminous and lignite coal, this particular type emits far less carbon dioxide when burned. Apart from that, anthracite also provides more energy per weight compared to the bituminous type. You can seek the help of the net to find anthracite coal distributors in your city or state and find out how much they will charge you to deliver a specific weight of this coal per month.

Smokeless and blue flame:

Get quotes from a number of distributors, such as Lehigh Anthracite, to determine which one of them charges the lowest amount. It is very easy to distinguish this variety of coal since it contains a luster that is not present in other varieties. Though it is difficult to ignite this type of coal, once it starts burning, it provides a blue and smokeless flame. Since it hardly emits any soot, you can use it to heat food while camping. While searching for anthracite coal distributors, you will find that many countries mine and sell it including the US, Australia, the UK, Vietnam, North Korea, Russia, and Ukraine.

Why is anthracite hard?

Coal is a fossil fuel. However, the energy generated per kilogram of anthracite is much more than that from the other varieties of coals. The reason behind this is that this particular variety of coal is mined from the oldest geological formations. This means that it has been underground for a longer period and been subjected to maximum heat and pressure, making it the hardest and most compressed coal. The maximum amount of anthracite coal in the US is mined from the northeastern region of the state of Pennsylvania. The residents of this region use this coal for heating their residences.

The best ranked coal:

While burning, anthracite provides temperatures higher than 900 degrees. It was used for fueling trains before diesel and electric powered trains appeared. On a typical basis, a kilogram of anthracite provides approximately 30,000 Btu. You will be surprised to know that this particular variety of coal is still used by some home heating furnaces. Unlike other coals, anthracite contains less than one percent of nitrogen and sulfur. This coal burns slowly because of its low moisture content and high density. This particular type of coal is hard to mine because it is only found deep under the surface of the earth. Anthracite is ranked as the best coal because of its low carbon content and high heat emission.

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