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Go wherever you might, but you cannot avoid hoses. They are used for a wide range of applications both at home and in factories. However, a single pipe cannot solve all requirements. The hose used for supplying water to your garden has the capacity to accept a certain pressure of water per square inch (PSI). If you try to force more than that amount of water, it will cause the pipe to burst. The hose used to supply pressurized gas to jackhammers can accommodate more pressure Things become more complicated in an industry where liquids having densities much more than that of water are transported from one location to the other. If the pressure becomes too high, either the pipe will burst or it will detach itself from either the point of origin or the destination point. This is why mechanics fix special clamps at both ends of the pipe to prevent them from coming apart. Therefore, it is better to purchase your pipe requirements from a reliable source such as cut and couple.

They offer a wide range of pipes and accessories for all types of industrial purposes. The fact that many industries use their pipes as part of their original equipment is a mute testimony to the quality of hoses supplied by cut and couple. One needs to be very cautious, especially when dealing with liquefied petroleum gas. These are stored in cylinders at an extremely high pressure and supplied to the gas top via a pipe. If the pipe cannot withstand the pressure of the gas, it can easily burst, causing propane gas to leak and fill the kitchen. Even a slight error can end up in a devastating fire and cause the death of one or several persons. In such a situation, one should always opt for a pipe that is reinforced by meshed steel wire, which increases its strength. Industries that manufacture concentrated acids such as sulfuric and nitric need a special type of multi layered hose. The same conditions apply to industries that manufacture animal oil, alphatic hydrocarbons, and vegetable oil etc. The hoses used by them have to have resistance to chemicals and should be abrasion proof as well. Most of the leading industries in these segments depend on cut and couple for their hose requirements.

The hoses used by the fire fighting organization need hoses that can bear high pressure on a consistent basis. The interior of these pipes should be smooth to provide unhindered flow of water. At the same time, their exteriors should not get slippery when wet. The typical pressure of water inside such a pipe is around 800 PSI. Whenever ordering hoses from an online store, make sure you provide them with detailed information regarding the usage of the pipe. The pipes used for transferring gas from the cylinder to the stove need to withstand far less pressure than those used to convey gas to industrial burners. Always purchase pipes from a professional company… it can make all the difference between life and death.

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